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  Morphogenesis Program Creator
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Founder/Director, Children of the Sun Foundation

Tiara Kumara, Creatress
You are supported with these timeless jewels to assist your integration in a very practical way. The meditations deliver spiritual activation through the voice transmission.

The meditations are offered at a nominal price.

Guided Audio Meditations

This program has been designed to be super fun and part of your spirit play, so, we've made this really easy. You will be guided through timely emails delivering all the new content and codes of bliss.
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This is a continuous episodic broadcast! Enrollment includes
a FREE subscription to the Morphogenesis Podcast.This comes with a free download of the Avatar APP to get your Morphogenesis on the go!

Free Podcast Subscription

We are opening 7 internal Crystalline Seals to activate dormant DNA encodement.

This is an alchemical formula designed as a 5-month
 program into your Greater Potential!

7 Seals and 7 Modules

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